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BEATLES (Stern, 2018)

The pinball machine "Beatles" from Stern is a unique and exciting machine that celebrates the iconic British rock band, The Beatles. What makes this machine special is its attention to detail, immersive gameplay, and fantastic audiovisual experience.

One of the standout features of the Beatles pinball machine is its retro-inspired design, which is modeled after the classic Bally pinball machines of the 1960s. The machine's cabinet, backglass, and playfield all feature colorful graphics and artwork that pay homage to the band's heyday.

The gameplay of the Beatles pinball machine is also noteworthy. It features a variety of shots and targets that are designed to be challenging yet rewarding for players of all skill levels. The machine's four flippers allow players to perform skillful shots and build up multipliers to increase their score. There are also several unique gameplay modes, such as the "All You Need Is Love" mode, where players must hit specific targets to activate different songs by The Beatles.

The audiovisual experience of the Beatles pinball machine is truly exceptional. It features original music and sound effects from The Beatles' catalog, along with custom speech from actor John Heder. The machine's LED lighting system is also top-notch, providing a vibrant and immersive visual experience as players rack up points and advance through the game's various modes.

Overall, the Beatles pinball machine from Stern is a must-have for any fan of The Beatles or pinball in general. Its retro-inspired design, challenging gameplay, and immersive audiovisual experience make it a standout machine in the world of pinball.

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