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Revenge from Mars is a pinball machine produced by Bally in 1999. It is unique because it was one of the first pinball machines to incorporate a large, full-color video screen into its gameplay. This screen is positioned directly above the playfield and serves as a backdrop to the various ramps, targets, and bumpers that players interact with.

However, the video screen is not just a passive element, it actually displays animations and clips that correspond to the player's progress through the game. For example, if the player hits a certain target, a cartoon spaceship might appear on the screen and shoot lasers at the virtual Martian invaders that populate the game.

In addition to the video screen, Revenge from Mars also features a variety of innovative gameplay elements. One such element is the "saucer eject" mechanism, which sends a physical flying saucer spinning across the playfield and into a set of drop targets. Another standout feature is the "Mars Attacks" multi-ball mode, which is triggered by hitting a certain sequence of targets and ramps and involves trying to keep as many balls in play as possible.

Revenge from Mars is a unique and entertaining pinball machine that combines classic physical gameplay with cutting-edge video and audio technology for its era. Its innovative features and challenging gameplay make it a favorite among pinball enthusiasts and collectors.

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