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FUNHOUSE (Williams Electronics, 1990)

FunHouse is considered one of the most iconic and beloved pinball machines ever created, primarily due to its innovative features, engaging gameplay, and distinctive theme. Released by Williams Electronics in 1990, FunHouse was designed by Pat Lawlor, who is renowned for his contributions to pinball design.

Here are some of the standout features that make FunHouse truly special:

  1. Rudy the Talking Doll: The most distinctive feature of FunHouse is Rudy, a mechanical head that sits atop the playfield and interacts with players. Rudy is equipped with a moving mouth and eyes, and he talks to the player throughout the game, taunting, teasing, and offering commentary on gameplay. This interactive element adds a level of personality and charm to the game that is unmatched in other pinball machines.

  2. Multiball Madness: FunHouse offers multiple opportunities for players to engage in multiball play, where they must juggle multiple balls simultaneously for increased scoring potential. Multiball modes are activated through various gameplay objectives, adding excitement and challenge to the experience.

  3. Advanced Playfield Layout: The playfield of FunHouse is expertly designed, featuring ramps, loops, targets, and interactive elements that keep players engaged and challenged. The layout offers a good balance of flow and stop-and-go gameplay, ensuring that players must strategize and aim carefully to achieve high scores.

  4. Theme and Artwork: FunHouse's theme revolves around a creepy yet whimsical carnival funhouse, complete with vibrant artwork depicting carnival scenes, clowns, and other playful characters. The theme is perfectly complemented by the game's music and sound effects, enhancing the immersive experience for players.

  5. Replay Value: FunHouse's addictive gameplay and depth ensure high replay value, as players strive to improve their skills and achieve higher scores with each play session. The game offers a combination of skill shots, modes, and objectives that keep players coming back for more.

Overall, FunHouse stands out as a timeless classic in the world of pinball, thanks to its innovative features, engaging gameplay, and memorable theme. Its enduring popularity among pinball enthusiasts speaks to its status as one of the greatest pinball machines ever created.

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