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WHITE WATER (Williams, 1993)

White Water is a pinball machine released by Williams Electronics in 1993, and it is considered by many pinball enthusiasts to be one of the best pinball machines ever made. There are several reasons why White Water is so special and why it has such a devoted following:

The theme of White Water is unique and captivating. It is centered around the idea of whitewater rafting and exploring the great outdoors, and it is brought to life through detailed artwork, sound effects, and gameplay elements. The machine features a giant plastic mountain with a waterfall, a spinning whirlpool, and even a Bigfoot figure.

The gameplay of White Water is fast-paced and exciting. The machine has multiple ramps, loops, and bumpers that players can shoot for, and there are several challenging objectives that must be completed in order to reach the game's wizard mode. The machine also has a unique "Whitewater" multiball mode that is triggered by shooting the ball up the left ramp.

The sound and music in White Water are outstanding. The machine features a catchy soundtrack that perfectly fits the outdoor theme, and there are several voice actors who provide humorous commentary throughout the game. Additionally, the machine has a "shaker motor" that causes the entire cabinet to vibrate during certain parts of the game, adding to the immersion.

White Water is a highly collectible machine, and it is considered to be a "grail" machine by many pinball enthusiasts. It is rare and difficult to find one in good condition, which only adds to its appeal.

White Water is a fantastic pinball machine that combines unique theming, fun gameplay, and exceptional sound and music. Its combination of rarity and collectability has helped it become one of the most sought-after machines. 

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