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ROADSHOW (Williams, 1994)

Road Show is a pinball machine that was first released by Williams Electronics in 1994. It is known for its unique features and gameplay that set it apart from other pinball machines of its time.

One of the most notable features of Road Show is its "Red & Ted's Road Show" theme, which is centered around two fictional traveling salesmen named Red and Ted who are on a cross-country trip trying to sell a bunch of goods. The game's artwork and design reflect this theme, with players progressing through various US states as they advance in the game.

Another standout feature of Road Show is its "Red & Ted's Excellent Adventure" multiball mode, which is triggered by shooting a ball into a specific scoop on the playfield. During this mode, players must hit certain targets to advance through various US states and earn jackpot bonuses. This mode is particularly challenging and rewarding, making it a fan favorite among pinball enthusiasts.

Road Show also includes a "Shooter Lane Roulette" feature, where the player can spin a roulette wheel at the start of each ball to receive various bonuses or penalties, adding an extra element of chance and excitement to the game.

Overall, Road Show is widely regarded as one of the most unique and entertaining pinball machines ever created. Its combination of engaging gameplay, immersive theme, and innovative features have made it a beloved classic among pinball enthusiasts around the world.

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