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FAST BREAK NBA (Bally, 1988)

Fast Break NBA is a pinball machine released by Bally in 1988, featuring a basketball theme. What sets Fast Break NBA apart from other pinball machines is its unique features and gameplay that capture the excitement and energy of a basketball game.

One of the standout features of Fast Break NBA is its moving backboard, which simulates the motion of a basketball hoop. When a player scores a basket, the backboard moves up and down, giving the player a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Additionally, the machine features a mini-basketball hoop on the playfield, where players can shoot a small ball into the hoop for extra points.

The machine also features a dot matrix display that shows animations and player statistics, further immersing players in the basketball experience. Players can choose their favorite NBA team and compete against other teams by hitting targets and completing objectives.

Another unique aspect of Fast Break NBA is its sound effects and music. The machine features a catchy soundtrack and voice-overs from a basketball announcer, adding to the excitement and energy of the game.

Overall, Fast Break NBA is a highly entertaining and immersive pinball machine that captures the thrill of a basketball game. Its unique features and gameplay make it a favorite among pinball enthusiasts and basketball fans alike.

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