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ADDAMS FAMILY (Bally, 1992)

Addams' Family is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and beloved pinball machines ever created, and for good reason. Here are a few things that make it truly special:

Addams' Family is based on the popular television show and movie franchise of the same name, which centers around the quirky and macabre Addams family. The pinball machine captures the spirit of the show perfectly, with its gothic artwork, haunting sound effects, and nods to characters and events from the franchise.

Addams' Family is known for its fast-paced and challenging gameplay, which keeps players engaged and coming back for more. Some of the standout features of the game include the Thing hand that grabs the ball, the electric chair that electrifies the ball, and the mansion that serves as the game's centerpiece.

The sound effects and music in Addams' Family are among the most memorable in pinball history. The machine features a variety of voice clips from the TV show and movie, as well as original music that perfectly captures the game's spooky atmosphere.

Addams' Family was the first pinball machine to feature a "Mamushka" multiball mode, which requires players to hit specific targets in order to light up the letters for the word "Mamushka" on the playfield. Once all of the letters are lit, a three-ball multiball mode is activated, providing an exciting and challenging gameplay experience.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Addams' Family is its enduring popularity. Despite being released in 1992, the machine is still widely sought after by collectors and enthusiasts today, and is considered a classic of the pinball genre. Its widespread appeal can be attributed to the perfect combination of theme, gameplay, and innovation, which make it a joy to play for pinball fans of all ages and skill levels.

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