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Joystick de jeu d’arcade



Part I


A skillshot in pinball refers to a deliberately aimed and executed shot by the player that requires skill, precision, and timing to achieve a specific target or objective on the pinball machine. Skillshots are an integral part of pinball gameplay, adding an element of strategy and challenge to the game. Here's how skillshots work:


  • Objective: A skillshot typically involves aiming the ball at a specific target or area on the playfield to achieve a particular goal. The objective of the skillshot can vary depending on the pinball machine and its design.

  • Timing: Skillshots often require precise timing. Players must launch the ball in such a way that it reaches the target at the right moment to maximize its effectiveness. This may involve hitting the ball at a specific moment during the launch or while it's in motion on the playfield.

  • Points: Successfully executing a skillshot usually results in a higher point value than hitting the same target by chance. Skillshots are a way for players to earn bonus points and gain an advantage in the game.

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